Inspection BOOK vs. Inspection TRUCK

as seen on YouTube

Well of course the book won, that was a Dodge truck. :mrgreen:

Go to the local weekend warriers station and see what a tank will do to the book.

Hey Ben,

As an FYI, here’s my perception of what you have been telling us about your book.

1). It’s not worth the cover price so we’ll sell it to you for a buck fifty.
2). It’s not worth a buck fifty, so we’ll give a bunch away.
3). It’s not worth giving away, so we’ll try to destroy them ourselves.

Is that really the message you are wanting to send?

Quite graphic…recommend a viewer warning!:shock:

Unfortunately the current housing recession has likely stalled the sell of the book. If this was 2006 again the books would most likely be selling off the shelf so fast they wont be able to keep enough in stock.

I think Ben is only trying to help the members. Many of us are struggling.

Hey Mark,
As an FYI, you’re a hoot! Thanks for the giggles.

Our parody:

You had to know something was up when the book was picked up after being run over and it was brand new. ;-):mrgreen: