Inspection Business For Sale - Montana

Acquire an immediate entrance and a strong market presence in a wonderful Rocky Mountain West destination place to live. This strong market has been relatively insulated from national-scale economic downturns and remains strong today. This very successful and dominant service profits over $100,000 per year. Serious inquiries only by candidates financially capable of buying a quality company. For more information please contact:

Alan W. Tronson, CBI, CPA
AdvantEdge Advisors

Home Inspection Service
Location: Montana
Industry: Building and Const. Services > Other Services
Gross Revenue: $195,000
Cash Flow: $96,000
Business Summary
This business is one of the premier inspection services that can be acquired. It is a very well run company from which the owner is seeking to exit to focus on other business pursuits. With a steady and growing revenue stream since 1998, an interested buyer will be able to get a dynamic start and realize immediate income in a business that would otherwise be difficult to enter. Why buy?

Where is Montana exactly??

Go to Calgary Alberta Canada ,A great place to live or visit.
If you do not wish to stay Just drive south.
Clear USA customs and you are there.
Hope you enjoyed your visit to Canada

I understand that it gets cold in Montana in the winter. They have white stuff there that isn’t sand and falls from the sky. :smiley: :smiley:

Yes but In Calgary you can go to lunch and the temp, can be 72 degrees F and come out from Lunch and the Temp can be 20 Degrees F.
Where else can it change 50 Degrees in 20 minutes .
In down Town Calgary you can fly fish in you shirt sleeves in mid winter.
… Cookie

I’m thinking of vacationing there this year and want to take a language class at the community college so I can better understand the natives.

Is canadian hard to learn?? Will I need a translator??

Since its apparently real close to Montana, do youse guys have pet sheeps!

I’ve seen all the old cowboy movies and don’t want to be there during the range wars.

EH! . Common to all of Canada .( means what did you say) You will find most Canadians are always saying sorry ,If they bump into you or set in front of you.
We also spell just a little different like Colour for ( Color) Mould for (MOLD) Chegue for ( Check) and a few more .
Sorry to say you will need to bring more money as yours keeps shrinking.
Now would be a great time to have one type of money for north America like Europe has .

Just remember Canada is just a little larger then many think it is .
The longest Road in the World is in Ontario Part of the Trans Canada hwy according to Microsoft streets it is 1,295.5 miles long and takes 3 days 2 hours and 32 minutes to drive it.
It is shorter for me to drive to Florida
Give me a call if you get up this way and we might be able to get together.
… Cookie

3 days to drive 1300 miles?? You Canadians drive too slow! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I guess thats why we live longer.
My last ticket was In NY state sure made me slow down hate spending money with no returns.
… Cookie

I cannot go to Montana… Last time I drove there I got pulled over. Two troopers sat behind the doors of the car with a 9mm and a shotgun pointed at me and ordered me to get out of the car with my hands over my head. I got out and asked what the problem was. They saw my headlight burn out and they tore the median out of a years growth to give me a $35 ticket. Ther was hole in my headlight and smoke was still curling out as they wrote the ticket. When I heard what the problem ws I started to walk to the front of the car to see it and they both started to yell at me to “get your hands on the roof asshole” As it was not a criminal offense they could not make me pay it on the spot. I asked them to give me a break as they watched the headlight burn out and they knew I was not just driving around a piece of junk falling apart. I never heard so much swearing in my life. I never paid the ticket, but won’t be back for a while.

Blaine, My view is… if there is a record time, it needs to be broken!
Without even breaking a sweat, I know I can shave off a day and a half at least. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Isn’t Route 66 coast to coast, which would make it 3,000 miles?

Yeah, so are I10, I20, I30 and so on…

You are in differents states and different laws .
If you take the trans Canada From its start at ST.Johns NFLD& Lab to
Port Hardy B.C. it is 4808.7 miles and it takes 10 days.
… Cookie

Gee I think I would have paid the ticket then thrown my under shorts away.

… Cookie

Gotcha, I see what you’re saying now.