Inspection camera choice

While I have found my Seesnake video camera very useful, the head broke off again and I am interested to know what your recommendations are. Either I buy a new camera head for the unit, or try a different brand.
I see a very inexpensive Milwaukee camera with a rechargeable battery.

I saw a very nice Extech that has a detachable monitor and record feature for around 300 bucks. ( I almost bought it sight unseen but figured I would ask first)

And I am not interested in Thermal imaging capability in this device. Just a color video screen that has a self lit small camera head.

Thanks in advance

What are you using it for?

Whenever I need to view, inside AC ducts, behind walls ( through cable outlet openings, or something else that is available) I seem to have found a multitude of uses. Above cabinets, below dishwashers, etc

Thats the one i use , i got mine from the tool expert in TN

I now use a Canon Rebel XSi as my inspection camera and a Canon 550D as my photographer’s camera.

I was going to recommend the Ridgid SeeSnake, but I can see that is what you are already using. I would either get it fixed or get a new one. This camera has great features and positive reviews.