Inspection Committee Members

I am curious as to who the Education Committee Members are.

Nick, could you follow up on this?
It by far lacks an updated version.

**Education Committee: **

Can be viewed here;

I would also like to join in, but would like to know who the members are and who is in charge.

Lots of names I’ve never heard of.

At least one of these guys has defected to A$HI

Chuck, I sent an email to Nick and see if we can get this rectified.

Thanks for the input. :slight_smile:

I don’t know who is currently on the Committee. Sorry.

I volunteered to help - but look where it got me!

From my POV the committee was “neutralized”. I have heard of “no formal” resignations, it has simply fallen silent.

You added some great info Unfortunately not much was supplied by others .

This was noted as the “REVISED” goals of the committee. Some felt this was not in the best interest for freedom of expression of the “committee”, while another felt this would be the new directive. "The charter of the group is to communicate ideas, and spread the word as to what is available.

As an educational advisor, you are free to offer advice and make information and courses available. In reality, in this capacity you help unofficially steer education."

Those helping to create courses and course content input were relegated to “advisors” as opposed to contribuotors. Now the rest is history … such as question of the day, and links to educational resources - just to name a few.

Many on the committee felt their role and value became “unofficial” and irrelevant. Some resigned, and others have stayed on, but little if any discussion has since taken place.

I can’t help with it. I’m buried alive as it is.

Looks like the awards committee is still the only one doing anything .
Still active after 8 years ,3 of original still there ,Some slight changes slowed a little .

Are you sure you want to open that door, Roy ???

The association members may be a little shocked as to the who and what has been happening at the awards committee!

I have kept my mouth shut out of respect for a few members, but if you open the door…

Typical Jeffery ,I and others have no control of your Blackmail methods . Seems NACHI has many, many happy members and a few who seem to be envious of others.

I’ll be back later to take advantage…