Inspection company sued 7,600 inspection fee

maybe they should start doing ‘water tests’ before stating no evidence of moisture penetration etc

‘Shortly after closing there was significant water intrusion into the building, have videos’

Found a hasty repair on interior wall and so on.

With 7,600 fee and mositure meters and the like lolll, how ya miss DIS… maybe bring a hose or 2 or 3 with ya, tell the friggin owner THIS is what needs to be done (water tests)to help cover THEIR az and HI’s – all would know before water tests IF there are existing EXT openings, well water is gonna come in lolll, so NO CRYING if n when that happens, sheesh


well then Bubba might show up if they played some Pink Floyd, Deep Purple etc

’ … like the sounds of empty beer cans hitting the ground, guess Dan will always be a soldier of drain tiles’

Maybe so, but most commercial inspections are a non-intrusive visual walk-thru without the use of special equipment. This should be defined in the scope of work.

The engineering firm likely hired a field observer who did not know squat about a commercial building. But, if the seller intentionally covered up the damage, the firm may be off the hook.

Brian, i understand inspections are non-intrusive, one point is loll if ya’s wanna REALLY help the clients that may have water intrusion then, sometimes doing a stupid water test with a hose helps.

Maybe that needs to be changed to some degree to wipe out some of the gray areas on whether there is or isn’t water intrusion. Maybe some HI’s can write on inspection form/report they are willing to do a water test as long as homeowner signs off, okays it’s, UNDERSTANDS they may indeed get water in upon doing the stupid water test and if they do it’s not your fault… least they’d know… wouldn’t be any doubt - and you charge them more $ for your time.

Do the clients REALLY wanna know? Does the HI really wanna find out? These are a couple key questions is what i’m saying

One can eyeball sht all they like, if one truly wants to find out where water may be getting in then, why guess… do a water test. video it, i do fairly often.

I don’t care at all spending more of my time dragging a stuid hose around n doing these water tests but when homeowners wanna know, when they want to see then i do it. Too many already had 2,3 INT system companies over for EST’s and they already spun a web of lies n bllsht to homeowner such as, Oh Mrs Jones you have a hydrostatic pressure problem under your floor n that’s why you see water where bottom of the basement wall meets the floor and need our INT drainage system and sump pump costing $$$$ — all the while ‘THE’ actual problem, the existing defect, was an EXT crack in block wall and they only needed a small section of the block wall waterproofed on the outside as shown in many of our videos i post, which by the way costs far less $$ than what the INT system chumps are trying to swindle

Yeah, like a dumb az i guess loll, i will run a water test and around 1/2 of time i do these and spend more time being HONEST with homeowners they wind up hiring an INT system knothead anyways

At least the engineering firm was going to get PAID, unlike me eh.

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this guy pizzed me off a tad while back, commented on you tubester video of mine with some STOOPID bs, incompetent crap so… on his video here i gave him the truth about why that basement leaks, IF what he said is true
Mr Leak Detective, yeah sure shtt, more Bullwinkle crap again, same old incompetent junk

Here’s the damn TRUTH, NO WAY on this planet did that basement leak just because of some water dripping outta that stoooooopid downspout extension, HLLLL no!!!

I GUARANTEE ya, IF that basement leaks as he said, in that area then, there is either an exterior crack in the basement wall in that area or cracked parging etc in wall or there is some other EXT opening (s) into the stoopid house/basement in that area.

Look dammmmiittttttttttttt lollll sheesh the stupidity level is unreal on this subject…
LOOK at his video, SEE some of the water dripping out pfttttttttttttttt, OKAY let’s say NO water drips outta that extension, well guess the friggg what? When it rains, when water drops outta the SKY… some water will land, drop RIGHT THERE, right along the moron basement wall REGARDLESS of the dumb azzzzzzz downspout ext! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz lolllllll StOOOOOOOOpid!

Water is getting in basement because something is OPEN on exterior of house/wall, NOT because some water drips outta the dumb downspout extension!!! UN----real , INCOMPETENT

Duh Detective could have and should have done… wait 4 it…
a WATER TEST with a hose! hahahaahahhahahhaa idiot

Give ME the homeowners ph number n i will go over there and FIND their actual damn problem , underfrigggginnnnnstand? lollll oh man, sad m scratchers

maybe if i added detective to my name, more peeps would call me, maybe something like Detective Bubba Milk waterproofing and milk delivery service

Hey… REAL siren loll, listen…

… red lights R flashin’ around me
yeah love, it looks like they found Bubba
Indiana wants me, Lord Bubba can’t go back there (This is the police, give yourself up, you are surrounded)

You might be onto something there.

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