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Hi everyone, I checked the board and didn’t find this info. I just finished my 50th buyer inspection (first year) But i’ve been doing 3 phase inspections also most of the year and just passed 250 for those. So……. can I legitimately count the phase inspections toward my total? I know everyone keeps count.

What say ye?

Total of what? In accordance with?


I clean houses for a living. One day, I washed the dishes, swept the front entry and cleaned the 1/2 bath.

Can I count that as a full house cleaning?


Inspection count is one of the more laughable things in this industry. I’ve sat next to 25 year old inspectors at conferences telling me they have done 15,000 inspections… yeah, right. I think they were counting each outlet and light… LOL.

Unless there is some number needed for “full membership” into an organization I don’t see the point. Especially if it’s a low number like 50 you probably don’t want to anchor your marketing with this data.

I’ve been at this for 21 years and I’m probably somewhere around 7500 but that’s really just a guess based on a few years grabbed at random.


Larry… You can count what ever you prefer. It does not really matter too much for anyone or anything. If you boost it up too much, it may affect your rates for insurance though. More potential exposure on more jobs = a higher premium from some companies.
Your quality of work and eye to detail is what will get you more work as you boost your reputation as being good at what you do


Count dollars stacked.


Been there and have done that…now retired, Jordan.

And, I agree with Nick:


@lkage - I know you are retired! you are the man and OG in my mind and respected for the experience you bring to the forum! This “Larry” was for the Original Poster - @lmoore9


Ah, Gotcha, now!


I agree with Nick! Count the money.

I agree with counting the money, but counting inspections stink when trying to acquire certifications like the CMI. I have 30 years of construction and now 4 plus years of inspecting but still haven’t hit the 500 mark. Slow start but last two years have really picked up.

The interest in the count was for CMI certification. I guess I should have explained that from the get go and just asked Nick. I also am surprised that I didn’t receive more snarky replies than I did.

We can give you more snarky replies if you like! :joy:

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Good to hear things are moving in the right direction for you. It is nice to hear a success story. Good stuff!

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Wasn’t worth my/our time. We see inspectors like this come and go all the time. It’s ‘old news’!