inspection courses

I just joined InterNACHI and am now taking the courses. I was wondering if when you have to log out in the middle of a course, if it saves your place and questions you’ve already answered. It doesn’t seem like it, but since I’ve just started, just wondering. Also, when you take the final exam on each course if it will save the results onto your profile so that it will be recognized as completed at that point and receive the CE points or however that is all calculated and recognized?..thanks Jason

  1. No, Yes
  2. Yes

thank you :slight_smile:


To add to that, as well as saving the jpeg cert, save your code in a separate document as well. If you loose the jpeg, you can just re-enter the code.

Good idea. :smiley:

Good ideas, thanks, I usually never leave all my eggs in one basket anyways, and do regular backups to an external hard drive as well. Never hurts since I’ve been burnt before by computers before.