Inspection Depot Report Upload


How do you explain the professional conduct of ID and their serving of both sides of the fence esp in our area

Your personal dealings aside – we live in Florida – with some big players in the government process – ID is one of the main players



I believe you have now shown what the true issue is in your heart…as usual it comes disguisssed in a wrapper that until further unwrapped is simply hidden.

If you have a personal disslike for Michael Rowan as you do for me and a few others here, please take the talk it our by a personal email and work out your diffrences there, not within a Topic regarding another issue.

I have told you on many occassions that I am a phone call away 954-227-7001. If you have something to say to me regarding something that I said that that aggrevated you in the past, or you simply want to tell me off, then lets do it…but off the board!

Unlike you, I have dealt with Inspection Depot for over 3 years and have NEVER found their Integrity or Moral Character to be questioned. Personally, Mike and I have in many occassions sat at diffrent sides of the table on diffrent isssues…but that has nothing to do with the value of a program or service that his company has to offer or grow my or any other HI business.

NACHI has been the recipient of TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of his discounts, prizes, and other offerings, the which no one takes even the time to say thank you.

I for one dont really care if you dont want to thank him for his tremendous generosity or his countless hours of inspector help that he provides while trying to run a Multi Inspector firm as well as countless other Inspector Related programs and associations…just stop trying to back door the guy!

Again, I am willing to appologize to you if I have in any way offended you in the past. But please, take your personal feelings off the board and start doing what most of us do, CALL THE PERSON and try to work it out…OFF THE BOARD!

Give us a link to a sample report so we can be WOWed ourselves.:slight_smile:
By the way, WOW might not be a good way to endorse anything here.:wink:

It is not a “report”, it is a report upload service. Just go to the link in your post to see. The service sends a polite, professional email to the customer and agent with a user name and password. Your customer will have to “agree” to a service agreement (one more time) before they can download the file. You then can log into your account and see which files have been downloaded and which have not.

Sorry, I must have misread the information given, I thought that somewhere there were “uploaded” reports that people retrieved. I thought maybe I could try the retrieaval of said reports to see if the system really had a “WOW” factor as advertised.

You know like this:D

client name: dwelling
password: doctors


Check your P email and if you was to publish it on the BB go ahead

I have no problem – Just don’t change any of my words of wit.



Check your Private Mail.


I have been moving house and tied up in boxes, so apologies for not getting back sooner.

Harvey, thank you for those kind words, but I am a home inspector no different than anyone else on this board. I have been an inspector since 1988 and it is all I know. If I come across strong with my beliefs and ideals, apologies again.

As far as Richard and my stand on Licensing, I am not sure what it has got to do with anything here? But as you asked here is my opinion from my home inspectors perspective.

My position however is quiet simple! Right now I believe that inspectors are doing a good job at regulating themselves in the state of Florida. The majority of inspections are being conducted by ASHI, NACHI, NAHI and FABI inspectors right now. NACHI, ASHI, NAHI and FABI also do an excellent job educating all inspectors. Everybody uses similar standards and for the most part I believe we do a great job in the majority of cases. I believe as associations we should be educating our builders and realtors colaboratively within each association on our qualifications and experience and maybe then we would not need licensing. So why licensing?

I am for it and I am not. I am for it because I don’t believe we have a choice (I don’t think we are there yet though). I am also for it as long as it makes sense from a business perspective and does not stop multi inspectors from recruiting and training new inspectors, require compulsory Errors and Omissions insurance, etc. That means it will be ok for every new inspector too. Of course I am even more OK if licensing does not take place at all but I believe with FAR having us on their 2007 agenda and the builders, we may have to pay closer attention. I have worked on various boards for licensing and have on many occasions encouraged NACHI involvement in the system. I have attended functions with Gerry B and many others and will continue to do so if need be. As long as inspectors are about doing right at every level, I will work with them.

I am not for it because licensing will water down the value of inspections overnight. I am a firm believer that we should have various levels of inspectors similar to any engineering industry but this is an unlikely event

An old friend once said that dealing with home inspectors is like trying to herd cats. The problem of course is that there comes a time when we all have to be on the same page before a Texas license is imposed.

On a more realistic note, I cannot imagine that FAR or the builders will spend a lot of time on the home inspection agenda here in Florida next year because of the current market conditions. I am sure they have much more important issues to deal with but I may be wrong and for this I am thankful to all those that are devoting their time for our protection.

Finally, my hats are off to all those that have volunteered hundreds of hours across the state on licensing and our protection.




As always you continue to be a well reasoned voice not just for NACHI but for our entire profession. I hope that your busy schedule will allow you to exercise your leadership skills in connection with the Florida HI Licensing Coalition that appears to be reforming once again to take up the question of licensing home inspectors in Florida. It appears that NACHI was once again left out of the talks but I am sure that you will do the right thing and help represent NACHI’s interest which you so clearly articulate. Thanks in advance.

All the best - Joe.

Still free

Hi Michael,

I found your post very refreshing. In my opinion it is the reality of what we face in Florida. The state has to many other important issues to deal with concerning the housing market in Florida. The average homeowner pays 500 plus a month for taxes and insurance. Insurance policies are being canceled on a daily basis. It appears that we are facing another 30-50 % increase this year and who knows what in the future. A large part of the market is locked out of moving up or down simply because of the added costs in property taxes. The state will have to address these issues before anything else on the housing front.

I appreciate all of the time and effort you put into this area of our profession.