Inspection dreams

Just for fun::slight_smile:

I was talking to my pest inspector buddy a while ago and mentioned how I had just had one of my recurring home inspection dreams. It only happens every few months typically, but I did just have one the other night.

The central idea of my dream is that there are people (owners or clients or both) at the inspection interfering with me and that the inspection just keeps going and going and I feel like I am never going to finish (sometimes I feel that way when I am not dreaming too). There is ussually some other twist to the dream, but that is the recurring part.

The pest inspector told me he also had a recurring dream. His dream is that he is called back to a house and there is all kinds of damage that he did not report on and he can’t understand how he could have possibly missed it.

Anybody else have a recurring inspection dream theme they want to share?

I just had a referring Agent tell me that the seller wants to deduct $400 for get a pipe fixed that as worded states that the clients inspector broke in a bathroom.

Of course that never occurred, and my issues were all in the other bathroom on the report.

Glad I take a full video and lots of pictures.

Curious where it will lead though. (first time ever happened to me)

Lots of bad exterior brick issues that the seller will not address.

I knock on the door, and the maid answers. She wants to see my tools and offers to show me around the place…


Same dream, but she is dressed in a harem outfit. Then she starts playing with my flashlight and wants to steal the technology from my thermal camera (We need the night scopes for the jihad!).

I don’t like french maids,

Just my opinion.

The first dream happens to me at least once a year. Sad but true.

I’m living the dream…


PS- I like the French Maid idea though, maybe show her my new camera :shock:?

Yea, I had a dream the other night that I actually got paid what I was worth!!!

Probably has some really old mayonaise stained ties ,too.:stuck_out_tongue: