Inspection during building process?

LOL! :rofl: :roll_eyes: I don’t believe that I have ever been called a “jerk” before, in
16 years on this forum.

We’ll chalk that up to you having a bad day.

People know me here and will get to know you, too…as time passes.


…or maybe just another snowflake. My bet is the latter.


Larry you’re the last guy on this forum I’d call a jerk. You’re always welcoming new members and have a good attitude.

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Thanks for the kind words, Martin, and now my face is turning red…LOL

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Let me apologize for calling you a jerk, The way it read to me was that I was not a qualified inspector. If I read that wrong, then yes I owe you an apology. I was looking for advice on:

  1. Is this a common inspection for home inspectors? (I had never figured this would be a call I would get and in the last week or so I have had about 3)

  2. Was there any legal issues or pitfalls by doing these types of inspections. (I get if I don’t know what to look for during the build process then yes there could be legal issues, but I was trying to figure out if there were others i wasn’t thinking of)

So to summarize I apologize for calling you a jerk if you truly were not trying to insult me by saying I wasn’t qualified.

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Good man!
Larry isn’t a jerk!

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Thank you, Lane,…apology accepted.

Most of us are here to help and that was my intention.


Well done Lane. Fresh start.

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That’s an incredible number. You must have a strong new construction market.

Actually we do have a great new construction market, The Huntsville area is due to outgrow Birmingham in the next 3 to 5 years and be the biggest city in Alabama.

There are several stages of inspection.
Commencement (statutory) …
Foundation excavation. …
Foundation concrete. …
Oversite. …
DPC. …
Laying of drains. …
Floor joists. …
Roof timbers.

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