Inspection Equipment for sale

Hello fellow inspectors,

I have recently retired from home inspecting and have some inspection equipment for sale.

  1. An EMSL brand mold test kit. This kit was used once and comes complete with swabs and stickers for grab testing. The kit also includes a tri-pod and sample containers to take air samples. All of this comes in a carrying case with instructions. Price: $200.00 + shipping.

  2. A General brand model MMD 950 Pin/Pinless Deep Sensing Moisture Meter. The unit has a ball sensor mounted on it that can has a measurement depth of 4". Pin mode comes with replaceable pins at the end of a 46" cable. Comes complete with instructions and a carrying case. Price: $90.00 + shipping.

If interested, please call or text me at 616-550-0707, or e-mail me at Pictures available upon request.

Thank you,