Inspection Equipment Insurance Coverage

After Will Decker had his equipment stolen I started to look into insurance for my equipment which includes a BCam. I got a $1mil General Liability Policy with an Inland Marine Endorsement (for equipment) for $305 per year. ($250) deductible) Couldn’t get it added to my E&O policy Liability Coverage. I had to get a seperate Liability Policy.

As Will says- hope this helps!

Linus, I have the same insurance too. Everything is covered even my office equipment.

My policy covers me for 20k on tools and I believe it’s part of my general liability policy.

It’s an endorsement to my General Liability Insurance. Not the General Liability that comes with your E&O policy. The G.L. with your E&O (Towers-Perrin) is premise liability and only covers you during a home inspection. You have to get a seperate G.L. policy with the endorsement to cover your equipment or your S.O.L.

Yes, mine is also seperate from E&O.