Inspection Excellence

Kenny & his team at McLaurin Inspections,

I just wanted to thank you for your services that you provided me in Tampa, FL. I was under contract on 3 different investment properties during the months of April and May 2021. Kenny and the team at McLaurin Inspections did a phenomenal job inspecting all the properties and saved us tens of thousands of dollars. His extensive knowledge combined with their state of the art equipment recorded findings such as rotted siding (being hidden), rotted tubs (being hidden), termite infestation, rat infestation, major sewage leaks into a crawl space, outdated electrical equipment + various simple/typical unsatisfactory conditions.

In today’s real estate market, we experienced losing out on contracts due to buyers’ foregoing inspections, as a retired property inspector, that is absolutely ludicrous! I was not able to be present for any of the 3 inspections that McLaurin Inspections performed, but his reports were detailed and easy to understand + he went over the reports via ZOOM. Again, as a retired property inspector, I know what to look for in an inspection company and Kenny and the team went above and beyond for us, and would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to purchase a property in the Tampa area.

Lance Hayward, RETIRED
A Precise Home Inspection, INC
Colorado Springs, CO

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Wow, great job!!

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