Inspection Fee Calculation

Hey folks,

I’m curious how most of you calculate your home inspection fees. Can you fill out the above survey and let me know if there’s anything I’m missing?


if by additional structures you mean Garages, then yes… I add for the garage as well…

Split systems, Crawl space, type of inspection.

  1. Location-drive
  2. Age-30 year, 50 year, over 50
  3. Baths- spa, steam shower,
  4. Kitchens- multiples
  5. Crawl/Basement- crawl+
  6. Stories- stairways, halls
  7. #of Garages- attached, separate
  8. #of Attics-garage, primary, secondary
  9. #of Bedrooms
  10. Out Buildings- sheds, potting room, pool house
    That’s my outline.

Square footage, additional (detached) structures and additional inspection services - pools, spas, sports courts, etc.

*House Age
*Square Footage
*Number of Structures
*Other items (hot tubs, basements, multiple stories, etc.)
*Investment Property - Crack House - Dangerous Neighborhood - distance to inspection
*Roof pitch sometimes.

Sq Ft, Age, Foundation (Crawls:p )

Exactly what jeff said!


Type Structure,
Square Footage,
Additional Structures,
Ancillary Services,

location and pools or spas

What do I need to pay my taxes.
Is the morgage paid for this month.
Is there a family wedding coming up.
Is vacation soon.
Does the truck need tires.
Do I have to drive to Jersey soon.
Someone is having a baby.

I hope this helps.

Might have mentioned it was multiple choice. :smiley:

At the bottom of the poll it states “Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 65. You have already voted on this poll”… :stuck_out_tongue:

Same as Jeff…also I charge for weekends, billing escrow…I try to keep it simple for the agents…I do not charge for mileage within my county, age, crawl or extra appliances.

Same as Jeff.

Don’t forget drive time for out of parish (county for the rest of y’all)


I have different fee’s for different neighborhoods. Some houses sell for a whole lot more even if they are the same size.

My first question I ask is always “where is the home?”

plus pier and beam crawls

I have a crystal ball…So that way there’s no question if I to high or to low…Hey Mike, did you read my answer to the Mueller question???