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Good Article here

Fees vary according to thoroughness

By Barry Stone | Access Media Group

Uh, he’s wrong. Fees and thoroughness are totally unrelated directly. No direct correlation whatsoever.

True, but the article makes a good point about fees and people looking to save $$ by using cheapest inspector.

Yes it is a good point and it has much to do with licensing. Licensing implies that we are all offering the same thing (a home inspection performed by a licensed inspector), and if that were true, the only thing left to compete on would be price. Licensing is a way to turn our industry’s service into just another commodity that should be shopped.

Updating mine as we speak.

Nice pricing.

is it recommended to post your pricing online? i notice many that do it… interesting to hear everyones opinion. thanks

Yes if they are very high (so that the prospect calls you to find out why). No if they are not (so that the prospect calls you to find out how much).