Inspection Fees

I believe that there is far too much competition to simply raise our fees at whim. This would need to be regulated.

In my area, some guys advertise at $99.

Ahhh, now I understand what those inspections entail!:wink: I bet the Realtors really hate the TECH inspection.

Amen to that! I will always make that point but half the prospective clients refuse to believe that our state’s licensing is bare minimal and virtually unenforced. I wasted my money on the inspection of the house I live in because the inspector did the bare minimum and was anything but educational. The skeptics don’t believe that.](*,)

That’s beautiful! I would do that but I’ve found that cutting down my competition has cost me a few jobs, particularly with know-it-all realtors who think their guy has the goods because he’s done it for them for years.:roll:

This works only when you can convince them that this stuff makes a big difference. Some prospective clients fanatically believe that I go the extra mile simply so that I can charge them more. I simply state that I go the extra mile so that they will be truly equiped with the knowledge they need to make decisions wisely and in confidence. If my business did any less, we would be one of the struggling dime-a-dozens in the area. If I did any less, the threat of litigation would make it hard for me to sleep at night.

The real estate salesmen and trial lawyers in Kansas are pushing legislation and have a bill they are presenting that, in my opinion, speaks volumes as to the ignorance of legislation and the legislators who pass it.

If this bill in Kansas passes…those inspectors who have been in business for 3 years AND who have had more than 300 inspections are “grandfathered”.

Those who have less than that will, before being allowed to pay the state money to work as a home inspector, attend an 80 hour class.

There you have it. One 80 hour course of instruction is the equivalant of three years in business AND 300 inspections.

So…his first day on the job, a licensed inspector in Kansas will have his State’s permission to represent himself as the equivalant of a 3 year/300 inspection veteran…by virtue of his license. This, mind you, is a bill that is supposed to “protect the consumer”.

Licensing solves nothing.