Inspection Fees

as a side note.

I must wonder if posting prices causes a “price war” in any of your areas?? Just a thought to consider.

Of course, In some instances, I loved price wars!!! 1950’s, gas wars were common, gas as low as 17 cents per gallon, each gas station on 4 corners lowering prices to beat the competition accross the street!!!


One question for you. Have you tried the “starting at” method?

How true. It’s all about relationship building. In my other biz we are the most expensive commercial HVAC service company in the area but also happen to be the largest.

Hi Scott,

Step 1 is to analyze your costs of doing business so you can price appropriately.

If you do the numbers honestly and have a reasonable expectation of what your income should be (you gotta live too) you’ll likely find that you need to be grossing around 100-110 per hour based on assumption of 1000 billable hours per year.

To be honest, no I have not. As I said, it may work for others, but I prefer to keep my pricing options “open”. Sell my service, then sell the price.

One question for you, per centage wise, how many inspections do you do at the “starting price” as compaired to the “bump up” price?

Price is the last item I discuss with a potential customer, and I don’t get into a “lets make a deal” mode. Ya get what you pay for, and I feel that most customers would rather shop for quality and trust in the inspector not the lowest price.

[quote=“ekartal, post:23, topic:37545”]

How true. It’s all about relationship building. In my other biz we are the most expensive commercial HVAC service company in the area but also happen to be the largest./QUOTE

Case proved.

As a general contractor for 30 years, Price was the last thing I discussed with the customer. In most instances I was not the lowest bid, and sometimes the highest. It’s all about building a relationship and trust with the customer.

It’s a tough world out there right now, you can’t be the cheaspest and survive. charge a fair and equitable price, one that will keep you in business, and not bankrupt the customer. We are in the toughest industry considering the economic down turn of the economy. It’s times like this that I question my career choices!! Made it throu the early 80’s down turn, however this seems to be worse!! Gotta work/market smart.

So, do what ever “floats your boat”

There is no iron clad answer or solution to your marketing plan, everyone needs to do what works for them. But keep in mind, charge enough to give yourself a decent income, or other wise we will all be in the situation of:

“will work for food”!!!

Good advice!!! Gross sales don’t mean squat, it’s net that counts!

Figure out your cost of doing business plus net income you need to have a decent income, add in those extras you really want (that new boat and the Hummer to tow it), divide that by the amount of inspections you can reasonably expect,per month/year, bingo, you have the answer as to how much to charge per inspection.

It’s not gross sales that counts, it’s net spendable you have left to live on!

I have seen many who “brag: about how much business they “did” last year” , but there living standard does not come close to what they brag about.

Keep track of your “cost of doing business” and adjust your prices accordingly.


If you think you are not charging enough, then, probably, you are not!!!

Zero, but not due to price, due to not having had one single call for a condo under 500 sq. ft. Notice this on my prices page: (All prices listed are for a condominium under 500 sq. ft. Call for a quote on your home!)
I’m not “bumping up” any price, just quoting what it would cost for their square footage.

500 sq feet.
Hmm,maybe I can subdivide my closet and pick up some extra cash.

Personally I would not lower my fee to much on a small size like that because all the same systems and components still get Inspected.

Despite that late night infomercial for extendez or whatever it is called ,in our biz size does not matter. At least not in Condos.

A 1 bedroom 700 sq foot takes as much time as a 1500 sq foot .

If I were into the condo market like you are, I wouldn’t be charging that. I’ve never done a condo and don’t really plan on doing many.


Decided that in fairness and with an open mind, I did go to your websight, and have decided I want your “FREE HOME INSPECTION”

You have several “layers” of home inspections (basic, standard, premium)
with a qualifier of a 500sq.ft. condo inspection, which (in my opinion) does not address the bulk of inspections, single family homes.

Also, IMO, your basic (and probably your standard) inspections, would have a problem of passing muster with the new Wa. state new SOP’s. How do you get around that?

I do not wish nor want to question your ability nor quality of inspections, but I do have a couple of questions. Honestly, do you not really see this as a “bait and switch” approach? Is the bulk of your business done in the price range you “advertise” (I would have to work 24/7 at those prices just to cover my home mortgage)? Does this, not, set you aside as a “low baller”, as many complain about on this board?

Again, I do not want you to take this as a personal attack, this type of marketing, you say, works for you, but I am of the honest opinion, it could be considered deceptive.

This is just my personal opinion and observation, and in no way constitutes the opinon of others.

I would, however, challenge you to change my mind, I am always open to new ideas.

So is this not a bait and switch approach? Therefore, a customer can take their sq ft, multiply that by the sq ft they want inspected, and come up with a price? My garage is at least 500 sq ft (detached), so how much would my house cost, 2,800sq ft?

If your are not in the condo market, then, why does your web sight base your prices on a 500sq ft condo???

I like them.
But that’s because I have a background in Multi-unit buildings.
This includes the fact I do small building inspections also.
Have a over 100 year old Greystone booked for Tuesday.(3 flat)

Only difference is 3 bathrooms and 9 bedrooms.
Really not that different from a large house, and Bedrooms do not take much time.

Already know what to expect since there are so many around here.

A fellow NACHI member and I are doing a 12,000sq’ house on Mon. morning for $5K. Do you guy’s think we under priced this job?:shock:

[FONT=Verdana]The house has 4 HVAC units and it is a 2 storey mansion. I suspect this to be a full day’s job.


What a gig!!! What about all those “low ballers”? Or those newbbes that will do it for $399.95!!

Congratulations Your turn to buy all the drinks

Would be interested in what, if anythoing, you found “defective”. Must be quite a house

Mario, thats awesome.
I think for this size of house, and several systems involved, your price makes the inspection worth it. Like you said, 2 inspectors ,1 full day (or maybe 2) and the hours and hours of reporting time. However 12 000sq ft is a little small compared to your last several inspections :slight_smile:


Similar to doing a 12 unit building in some ways.

Hi Mark,

Yes it is my friend, but one day will do it.