Inspection fees

I know that fees may vary from state to state. But there has to be an average fee charged by inspectors for their services. Can anyone tell me what they charge for up to 2,000 sf home. my nearest competitor charges 400.00 to start, should I base the charge on that? O feel it out and set the fees accordingly? Also there has been inquiries about an"open house walk" a quick look at the home during an open house, where the potential buyer will take note as you look, should you do this? What would be the fee ? Or insist on a full inspection? so many Q’s and no answers yet. Thank you, clint mckie Desert sun inspections carlsbad n.m.

Average the fees of your competitors, add 15%, and then offer one thing with your inspections that they do not.

Clint, fees vary so greatly between regions. I heard of Inspectors charging $250-$1000, it all depends on what you offer the client, and what they need.
I dont do anything less than a “full Home Inspection” and I would start at $400 for that house.

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I charge $410.00 for a home that size built within the last 8 years. Add $50 for a Termite $460.00

The information Jim & Michael gave is good information, listen to what advise they offer, they have been inspecting for a long time, like myself.

Being in that region of NM your prices should be at or above your competition like Jim said, offering more than others is one of the best attractions you can have.

If you start with LOW pricing it is hard to raise your prices when a used house sales person may call a few months after you may have inspected one home at a discounted rate and tell them a higher fee than the first inspection, you’ll hear “But you only charged $275 for the other home the same size”…believe me, start at the top and stay above the average in your area.

If you can sell your services you will not have any problem obtaining what your worth.

I would charge 260 to 290 based on age and location. This is in the middle range for inspections in my area for non-franchise inspectors.

$450, but that includes termite. Get what you are worth.

You got guys down here doing them for $200.00 including termite and wind mitigation. I wont touch it for less than $350.00

Home inspectors that are doing them that cheap probably will not survive the economy and will be a flash in the pan. Cheapness tells you they don’t have any work and that they do not value what they do. At that price, they will have to do 2 for every 1 that I do.

You take your car to the garage you go to three garages, two mechanics quote for repairs are $1,200.00, $1,100.00 for new tires front end alignment, and new dog legs. The third is I will do it all for $150.00. Now what would you think you would do. You would immediately think the third mechanic doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. That is what people are telling me when they call for inspection, yes some are NACHI inspectors I will do the WM and I will inspect your home for $100.00. They think you guys are fakes I hear it all the time. Keep up with the low bidding because my business is sky rocketing from all these low bids you guys are quoting people. Maybe you do not know how it works but people talk and cheap is cheap. No-one wants cheap they may want a good price but they don’t want to be cheated and if yo guys are doing inspections for low prices you are cheating your customers from top notch service.