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(i) According to IRC '06, _______ means access that requires the removal of an access panel or some other similar type of obstruction that is removable; and
(ii)________________ means access without the need to remove a panel or similar obstruction.

** What’s your guess?**

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How about I, “secured” access and
II, a “operational access”

How about 1. controled access and 2. readily accessible.

  1. Accessible
    2)readily accessible


He cheated and looked. :mrgreen::wink:


cool, something I remembered!
I’m actually taking a Mechanical Codes class at Pike’s Peak Community College,
as part of my HVAC 2 year degree, and we just covered that
for the Mech.IV license exam coming up…

they come from the definitions sections of the IFGC, (and probably the IMC as well)
section 2 that says:

ACCESS (TO) That which enables a device, appliance or equipment to be reached by ready access
or by a means that first requires the removal or movement of a panel, door or similar obstruction(see also “Ready access”)

READY ACCESS(TO) That which enables a device, appliance or equipment to be directly reached,
without requiring the removal of any panel, door, or similar obstruction(see “Access”)

** Answer: **
(i) accessible
(ii) Readily accessible

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