Inspection Followup

Do you charge for inspection followup to check repairs?

Most inspectors do. When I was inspecting, depending on how much there was to re-inspect and distance from home, I did not.

I recommended the repairs be done by qualified licensed professionals so their receipt with name, license and repair on it was typically satisfactory.


No, because I don’t do them. :slight_smile:
It clearly states on my reports, “It is recommended that all repairs are to be completed by Licensed Contractors or Companies, with receipts.”
If there are no receipts, I’m not checking it. If there are receipts from licensed companies, I don’t need to check it.

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I quote 1/2 the price charge for the inspection for a re-inspection when asked and explain that the work should have been done by a qualified contractor or tradesmen and a receipt should have been provided.

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One amount for the 1st hour on site and another for each additional hour. Same if I had to come back because a utility was shut off, a crawlspace was not accessible. etc. Always request a written list of the items to be reinspected.

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Great information, thank you.


Thank you all for your input and recommendations. It appears I will have to add a paragraph to my contracts to reflect what I have learned from very competent contractors and inspectors.

Thank you all again!
Jeff Pedersen

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Yes. Banks that require certain repairs to be done prior to closing will require an inspection of the repairs. Usually a letter is all they require. I charge a flat fee for the letter, plus I charge to inspect the repaired item/items. It is our business. It’s not a charity. We charge for what we do.

When yo go back to the doctor for a followup or to get stitches removed, you expect to pay for that.

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I believe Chuck has a great way of doing the re-inspection followups. :smile: