Inspection for Tenant?

I have a request to do a home inspection for someone who is currently a tenant on the property and considering an offer from the owner to purchase it. Should the property owner be informed about the inspection and should the property owner have the option to be present for the inspection? No sales agreement has been signed. Thanks, in advance, for your input.

Neither is necessary, in my state. And, I doubt it is in you state either, Annabelle.

Schedule it, get a signed agreement, get paid and have fun inspecting the home.


Thank you, Larry.

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I have done several for tenants wanting to buy the house they are renting, like Larry says, Get a signed Pre Inspection agreement and got for it!

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Been there with this before. Why would not inspect the house or even an apartment for the asking client. In my opinion, They have a right to know the condition of the place they live in or are about to put a contract to buy. I’ve done 3 or 4 in the past just like this.

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I did one not long ago, but the landlord / owner was aware and even made sure that I could get into the second apartment. lots of issues were found, and referred my client to a few different contractors and even a realtor and lawyer if it was needed. Well anyway this got me thinking about apartments. Can an apartment dweller or soon to be one officially hire a home inspector, and if so what kind of inspection would you do? I don’t have an apartment template but I do have a condo template that can be altered. Any thoughts ?