Inspection Forms

What inspection forms do you use?

Would a Ipad based Report be of interest to anyone out there?

This is the required form.

An Ipad would be a bit too large for me but may be desired by others. Research your competition. There are some tricks to using the form. The Rules posted at the web site has a list of permitted variances.

True, I have customized it as permitted.

Be aware that the template will be changed likely sometime this year. The 7A-1 template will be retired and the 7-2 or whatever they rename it will have changes.


You might want to make mention at your website that the primary SOP you follow is the one from TREC. Your current SOP link goes to the Nachi SOP and that won’t satisfy TREC requirements.

Any other organization SOP is anecdotal and TREC does not care about that.

If you don’t indicate and are not following the TREC SOP then you are violating your license agreement.

A minor detail, but could eventually haunt you.

Is there any info available anywhere on this new 7-2 form in the works yet ?

Jeffrey, the 7-2 form is not new, it has been available for over a year. Find it here. Texas inspectors are allowed to use the 7A-1 or the 7-2 for now but the 7A-1 will be retired soon. All Texas inspection forms are available at the TREC website inspector forms page.

Ditto what Mike B. said. As for the 7-2 it is currently “current” and the one that will be modified with whatever changes the TREC IAC comes up with.

I don’t want to guess what the new nomenclature will be for the updated form … once they get it approved/published.

That posting, review, approval, publishing process is a laborious effort (keep in mind we’re dealing with a state government agency) … it takes time.

Mike B. and I will likely see a draft copy of “potential” changes sooner than most, but neither of us are holding our breath.

I reread Jeffrey’s question and realized my response was not what he was really asking so I deleted my reply. Nolan’s is more accurate.

Thank you i will fix that… However the Nachi SOP is much easier for customers to read so … hmm

Is 7-2 going to be updated soon? Thats the one im using.

I think he means that 7A-1 will not be allowed anymore. 7-2 has been around for quite awhile.

Possible revisions to REI 7-2 were discussed at the 6/24 IAC meeting but I was not there so I do not know what is being considered for revision. In any case, here is the agenda item from that meeting:

I will try to make the 9/24 IAC meeting to see exactly what revisions are being considered. Even if approved by the IAC then any revisions must then be approved by the Commissioners and then there will be a phase in period. It will be the first of the year before any mandated changes to 7-2 become required, if then.

Thanks Mike.

Keep us in the loop if you can.