Inspection from Hell

Today I inspected a house with a 87 year old, one eyed, widowed, seller who was present for most of the inspection and followed me every where asking what was wrong. She became very agitated when I told her that the report could only be shared with my client or with others; after I received permission from my client. She left for about 45 minutes but asked if I was going to steal from her while she was gone, before she left.

While she was gone I went into the master bedroom bathroom and started filling two sinks and the tub. As the sink filled near the top I attempted to close the hot water valve but it would not respond. I ended up closing the angle stop underneath the sink.

Shortly after she returned the buyers agent (who I get a lot of inspections from) and the buyer showed up for the review. The one eyed lady told us the house was still hers because she had not received any money yet and ordered us out so she could eat supper. We packed up and left.

My question is this. In Arizona we use the ASHI standards of practice. We have to observe the interior water supply including fixtures and faucets. How in the hell did this SOP ever get by with out stating that we cannot be held responsible when one of these fixtures fail?

There is a lot in this SOP that says what we are not required to do. There is nothing that says we cannot be held liable when doing what is required.

It simply failed upon testing.

I would write it up that way…


That is what the inspection agreement is for—:smiley:

And tell them your name is Brian Kelly-----:lol:

Dale, i like the Brian Kelly idea a lot. I think I will pass his cards out to the sellers when ever I inspect a home that a fixture fails in.

On a more serious note, if the homes I have inspected this year are anything like the others have inspected (foreclosures) and one item like a sink fixture failed at each home, and we repaired the item to keep from getting a complaint filed, we wouldn’t make much money per inspection.

The BTR is neutral on the subject and realizes that the SOP reuires operating these fixtures but you can be assured that they will follow through if a seller complains.

I still think that these issues and the HVAC problem that Brian experienced could be resolved by Inspectors organizing and not acquiescing. How about the IBOI International Brotherhood of Inspectors.

I also think we should all add an extra $100.00 to our renewal to form a fund to hire lawyers to fight every law suit.


With as many inspectors which are still in business, that wouldn’t add up to much money—:lol:

Damn…you look at the BTR site lately?..looks like about half the inspectors folded—:shock:

Realtor: Hello, could you give me a quote for yada yada, my inspector went out of business—:shock: