Inspection Graphics

I was thinking of purchasing either Homegauges “Home Systems Illustrated” drawings or Horizons " The Illustrated home Series". Anyone use either of these? Which one do you recommend and why?

Code Check makes good graphics. They are the same ones you find in their books, but can purchase them to put in your reports.

I got Illustrated and was disappointed.

What reporting software you using… the Carson Dunlop one comes as part of Horizon reporting software.


I like this one and price is good.

I have Home Systems Illustrated and use them in almost every report. The only disappointment was the lack of deck drawings. I’ve had it for several years so it may have been updated with deck drawings. I also use interNACH’S drawings and they are great. I created a separate folder which contains my most used drawings from each which makes it a little quicker to find the right drawing.

I would recommend Mr. Fix-it diagrams…they are more easily understood drawings for the buyer…some illustrations are engineering drawings that are more confusing to the normal buyer then not having a diagram in the report.