Inspection in desert

Getting ready to complete 1 of required mock inspection. In palm springs ca. Its all desert here. Does anyone have anything I should look out for?


? I dont understand what a picture has to do with my question


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Relax, just joking around with how you worded your question :wink:

Anyway, did you ask/post in the California MB section to inquire with somebody that may be able to help more? Hopefully someone out west will help you out.

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Thank you. I was going crazy trying to get that picture to play. I thought it was a video. I did what you suggested and looked around AT&T didn’t get to much insight. I lived here for almost 30 years and built homes for almost 15. Just wanted an inspectors views. Thank you know by the way, coyote was my favorite.


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I will get that road runner one of these days. Beep, beep my ass…

Well, he has been trying for many years. LOL

Perhaps you just needed to wait a ‘Wile’!

Step 1, open your mind. The picture is in fun. Be peripheral. So change your mindset and be observant

Thank you. I did take it in good spirit. I thought it was a video. Let me ask you this. What would be some of the things you would out for during an inspection in the desert area?

Sand storms… :crazy_face:

After effects from quakes. I was in Hemet when a big one hit just north of Palm Springs in the mid 80s. Woke up to my bed bouncing across the room…

Further south in Glamis maybe…

Some of the higher-end folks in La Quinta and Rancho Mirage love their atriums. I’ve seen the drainage clog up quite a few times and flood all of the adjacent walls/floors.

I’d say the heat! It will trick you and then suck the life out of you quickly.

In newer construction, sometimes the lumber gets delivered and installed pretty wet. If they don’t allow enough shrinkage time before drywall you may get compression cracks or nail pops from settling of the framing.
I spent a summer rolling joists out there way back when. Make sure you’re hydrated if you’re going into attics. Heat stroke is a killer. Passing out in an attic is a scary proposition especially if you’re alone in the house!
Scorpions and rattlesnakes like to find a place to get out of the sun during the day. Let them know you’re coming if you’re in a place where they might be hiding to keep cool.

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