Inspection industry unified with new announcement from NAHI.

Thanks NICK again NACHI leads the way.

On a personal note, with this new announcement from NAHI, I’ve dropped the “scu…” adjective I normally use when referring to them.

Good job NAHI.

I wonder how this will affect the NAHI members offering “free inspections”

Inspectors offering “free inspections” with the intention of doing the repair will still do so…but will not be a member of any national association.


OK, cool. Now, what about the part where they defend an inspector paying to be on a Realtors “preferred list”? Did they change that too?


I bet that you had a lot to do with it. Pressure, pressure and more pressure!!

David… let’s hope they join NACHI and ASHI in prohibiting preferred vendor schemes (REALTOR bribing) too.

We can only hope.