Inspection Job in Tampa

Looking for an inspector for a home in Wesley Chapel, just north of Tampa :cowboy_hat_face:

Handy Vet Inspections

Robert, you’re not a member?

True but I cover the area and am available. Understand if you wish to pass to a valid member though.

I’ll make a recommendation for a buddy. Curt Arnold @ Shipshape Home Inspections (813) 469-7443 He covers that area and reliable.

His website?

I gave his business number and his business name…

Yes, you did…got it. :upside_down_face:

He’s good at what he does. Give him a chance and he’ll prove it

I know Curt & we have spoken many times.
He also has a legal license to perform WDO/Termite inspections. :cowboy_hat_face:
He is why I posted this. Not available. Getting married & then out of town for 10 days.
I’ll send you a private message with info.
Thank you Robert!

Larry -


I think they have it covered, Nischal… :smile:

Ok got it maybe next time

I know Robert personally. He is a good guy.
Hey Robert how you been doing?

Hey Roy, thanks for the support. I’m doing good and staying busy. Market is crazy here!

Hope your feeling better and staying safe! Remember, gravity is turned on!!!

That’s good ! Yep! Feeling better, but my joints and still stiff.

You need to roll them less tight, Sir Roy. LOL


I’m totally 10 days late, but I’m in!