Inspection Kightmares

On a cloudy damp humid day with lightning and thunderclaps in the sky, I was in this dark dingy house with spider webs on the ceiling and paint peeling off the walls. I came across a hatch in the floor and opened it slowly it led to a dark pit under the house and this is what I found. Grandpa’s Laboratory. Feel free to show your Inspection Nightmares.

It was the love Shack, Tin Roof Rusted. :heart_eyes:


yikes, your not kidding

It is worse than it looks in the pics.

Somebody actually put in an offer on that place.

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Easy fixer upper! what are you afraid of? little spider webs eh

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The clients asked what I thought, well a handed them a book of matches. Just kidding.

…and then this happened…

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Yep, It won’t go away :grinning:

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It has an ocean view. whoopie.

The house I posted those photos from, had ocean views as well! Surprisingly, no photos of the third floor was added to the real estate listing. Go figure!

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