Inspection Needed in Mount Vernon, NY

A customer from has requested a home inspection in Mount Vernon, NY which is near Westchester, NY. They are looking for a standard home inspection to be completed THIS Saturday at 3pm.

Please reply ASAP. I am looking for an Inspector that will agree to a referral fee for providing an inspection as a result of our company’s marketing.
This inspection is booked and payment arranged. Inspector must meet certain minimum requirements that are defined at

Please reply ASAP if you are interested in doing this inspection.

InspectorCity wants to charge how much? Michael Rowan might as well tell us
us what the hook is if he is going to fish here.

There is a referral fee involved of course. This would be expected to cover the costs of marketing. It is a reasonable fee though.
If you are interested… please let me know and we can negotiate.

There is a referral fee involved of course. This would be expected to cover the costs of marketing. It is a reasonable fee though.
If you are interested… please let me know and we can negotiate.

We are all interested… how much?

Geez, will the A$HI vendors ever give up on trying to pimp us?:roll:

Seems like a fair question? How much?

It would seem they do not like to put their prices in public.

If it’s reasonable, why need to negotiate? And why not post it here?

Or, if you won’t post it, is there anyone who’s gotten a referral from you, or who you have spoken with that can advise what you perceive is reasonable?

OK. I’ll come do your inspection, when I’m finished we can discuss MY fee. Does that work for you, or do you still need some more information. Just wondering. Honestly, what is the fee? you can’t expect to get any business here without letting these guys know your fee. Or does it vary by inspection? What gives?

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The referral fees involved are advertized as being very reasonable. This venture may well be worth the business and extra revenue. I can only imagine that the referral fee would be much cheaper in the long run rathar than brochures, or other advertizing ventures.

Raise your prices slightly for this venture and cover any referral fees. Don’t throw away business in these tough times. In addition the more inspections you do the more recognizable you become to the general public and you can cut your ties with this and other referral systems.

Use them to assist your business. and don’t just arbitrarily dismiss them because of comments of others.

Reasonable to whom?
$700-$1,000 / year for what?

It’s not arbitrary nor the comments of others that makes me dismissive.

It seems this business model isn’t working, else “Melanie” wouldn’t be coming here to fill the inspections. Unless, the “Inspector need in…” posts are a ruse to get the “fees” from us.


I thought those fees dealt only with advertizing on their various sites, and nothing dealing with referral fees.

I’m not sure.

Just never pay “AHEAD” of time based on the “promise” of work. Pay for a referral only “AFTER” you actually get the inspection job and you’ll be fine.

Neither am I, and the lack of an answer is curious at best.

I am Close to Mount Vernon, NY How much are the fees???//

If someone is interested I recommend they conduct their business off the Message Board for all the obvious reasons. I don’t find it unreasonable for them to ask for a referral fee, I think that is the whole point of their business. Frankly, if it were me I would be having second thoughts of bringing any work here in the future and have to put up with eveyone’s sled load of crap. They said they were willing to negotiate their fee. Work is work! As long as I didn’t have to do anything illegal or wear a tutu or something while performing the inspection, it is a job! You won’t know what it pays until you ask or here’s an idea, set your own fee.

NYS Real Property Law Article 12-B, chapter 444g 4©

No inspector shall: offer to provide or provide any commission, referral fee or kickback to the seller of any inspected residential building, or to the agent of either or both the seller and buyer of such building, for the referral of any business to such inspector or partner thereof

Please provide a total list of all services that your company provides to your “customer”. If you are an agent, broker or real estate “company”…we are not allowed to pay you, “before” or “after” the fact, for a referral.