Inspection needed

I just received an email from a lady in Florida who needs an inspector to do a tie down inspection

Lady Lake, Fl - Historic side of the Villages. Country Club Hills.

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[FONT=“Arial”] Can some one look after this please .[/FONT]
[FONT=“Arial”] Thanks Roy Cooke[/FONT]

To far for me.


Interesting 42 have looked and Roy Lewis is the only one to answer .
I wonder if the lady was able to get helped??

A tie down is going to require an engineer. I would suggest you have her call Harrison engineering.

Thanks Greg we do not have these problems in Canada .
Much appreciated .

Glad to help Roy.

Take care.

I was going to recommend the same. I think Hayman Engineering I believe does the same thing

Thanks guys I sent this Info to her .
Having my info on all my posts gets me many different questions .
Some I can answer and others I come to our forum for help.

And that is what the forum is about :smiley:

If the insurance Co is requesting the tie down inspection an engineer is not needed. We do them all the time

I would have answered you anytime Roy BUT I know the place is no where near me. Happy Holidays.