Inspection no show

My time on their next one will be the same, and most of the time, the time slot they use could be filled with a full paying client. I explain that on the rare times a client asks for a discount on their second inspection. If you did a good inspection the first time, then they will want you for their next inspection regardless of your fee.
I’ve done hundreds of second inspections for clients. I’ve done a hundred third inspections. There have been about eight fourth inspections (I heard the client tell her agent, that she had paid me most of her down payment. She kept picking crappy houses with serious problems. She told me that I saved her on every house. She never bought one. She gave up and moved to Kenya.) One fifth inspection (they should have bought number three.)

No paid No go😎

You do realize you can deposit checks with your phone? You don’t even have to leave the premises with it. Open app, enter amount, take two pictures, Write “deposited” and hand check back to person who gave it to you.