Inspection now starts @ unbelievable $119

Here is a common business scenario when an inspection results are urgently required. All businesses are for customers and mot customers demand quick revert. Usually most Inspection Companies would tell you to wait 3-5 working days for the order to be placed and confirmed. After 5 days they tell you your order has been assigned and that a report is due 2 days later.

But what’s worse? A message which reads “We are terribly sorry to inform you that all of our inspectors are currently occupied. Your order can not be placed.”Then you go about contacting another Inspection Company and wait another 3-5 days at least.

By then, your customer is long gone.

So that’s what we are trying to change. At Testcoo, we promise to get your report within the same day of ordering if you place an early order.

We are the first “Internet+Inspection” third party quality service platform with the concept of "Digital Globalization"in China. Testcoo provides inspection, testing, auditing on-line service for “Sell global and Buy global” customers. We want to shake the traditional model, reshape the industry ecosystem and commence the new era of internet and inspection.

Our services includes:
Inspection: Initial Production Check, During Production Inspection, Final Random Inspection, Loading Supervision, Sampling Service.
CoC: Customs Clearance Certificate for the Middle East & Africa Markets.

Then there are more perks:

  1. Knowing your inspector’s location through GPS ;
  2. Asking your inspector to show you the bottom of the product through video chat whenever he is on location;
  3. Leave your comment/feedback for the individual inspector;
  4. Analysis of your factory by big data, free of charge and review this data 24 X 7 X 365

This and much more, all starting at $119 Man Day. Yes, we offer upto 60% discount than most of our competitors :smiley:

So what are you waiting for. If you are ready for giving us a chance or recommending this revolutionary inspection approach, visit out website below:

Or drop a message to :