Inspection of the garage in multifamily dwelling

InterNACHI’s Education Committee

What are the inspection requirements for this garage located in a multifamily dwelling?

This picture shows security systems, sprinkler systems, electrical lighting (with open tubes), and some sort of “sniff” detector on the column to the right. There is also an electric garage door opener for entry.

I’m not from the Education Committee, but here’s your answer from ComSop, as this is a commercial inspection, and has no bearing on a residential home inspector…

Thank you.

Why do you assume this is a commercial inspection?

Is it more than 4 dwellings?

As to the requirements, each item included would be included within a section of the SOP.

In my question, I should have indicated that this is a 9 story building.

Okay, perhaps I should have been more specific in my reply…

This is a commercial “structure”, not necessarily a “commercial” inspection.

You did see the photo, right?

I checked the address for this building and it is listed as a Residential Condominium.

Are we back to playing the Tedesco word games?

Your original question was in reference to the Parking Structure, not the individual Condo units. The parking structure in your photo is a commercial parking structure. Period.

Defined in NEC Article 100 please find this definition of a garage and informational note:

Garage. A building or portion of a building in which one or more self-propelled vehicles can be kept for use, sale, storage, rental, repair, exhibition, or demonstration purposes.

Informational Note: For commercial garages, repair and storage, see Article 511.

We’re done here. I only played along to see how far you would go. You are so predictable.

So on my way out, I leave you with this… There is no HOME INSPECTOR anywhere on this planet that would include that garage with a typical HOME or CONDO inspection.

I checked the address for this building and it ***is listed as a Residential Condominium. ***
I am in agreement with you though.:slight_smile:
Good question you posted but the Question or ***ARGUMENT ***lies within the listings code and or building code for that unit.
Was it a commercial retro fit to residential?

No this building was built in 1981 and was never a commercial building. I would have to search the Massachusetts Building Code for any further definitions.

Note that the NEC defines dwellings; but I could not find any for commercial, although there are many references to this term when I searched the NEC PDF file I have.

Sometimes when I am looking at listings Joe, I get the wrong information 30 percent of the time.
Iinvestigated fewer than fifty.
Do not know the better listings sites.


I checked the records in my city for the address of the property and its use, and here’s is what I found:

1988 Condo Main Building Remains the same to date

1987 Apartment Building $3,460,000.00

1986 Commercial Land $1,032,000.00

1985 Commercial $531,200.00

1984 Commercial $453,985.00

Note: In 1984 and 1985 this was a parking lot.
In 1987 it was an Apartment Building then it became a Condo.

The word commerical comes up allot Joe.
That being said, you have to define ( inspect ) the entire building during your inspection unless otherwise noted in the contract.

1987 Apartment Building $3,460,000.00 converted into condos.
Out of residential inspection jurisdiction.
Needs to be inspected by a commercial inspector unless it is only 4 units or less.
Thank you Joe.
Hope all is well.:slight_smile: