Inspection Programs

Which one is better…in your mind?
I have tried “IC Home Inspection” but have problems uploading photos.

Last night I played with “Home Inspector Pro” and was pleasantly surprised.

Which do you use? IC or Home Pro?

Let me know. Right now I am leaning towards Home Pro

HomeGauge is easy to use and learn.

Microsoft Publisher.

Keep it simple… you’ll be busier than all heck with agent referrals…

Home Inspector Pro is the best.
Never even heard of the other.
call Dominic and set up the free trial then go with the best.
The results and finished product beat all which is why it is the fastest growing and most popular.
Nick says it is the best and he knows.

Seriously though… H.I.P. is the best!

Carl, let me know if you want a free trial license and you can go use the program in the field for a month and decide if you want to purchase it or not. Email me at

Home Inspector Pro is excellent and easily adapted. Loads pics in a second…Costumer service is unsurpased.

Dominic is active on the forum and responds to your calls.

Too funny. I have always thought of creating a version of our software that just has 2 checkboxes on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Home Inspector Pro.