Inspection question

I was contracted to do some remodeling work on a house, sanding painting etc., when the owner found I was a home inspector he asked for a home inspection. We are not supposed to use inspections to generate secondary work but what if it happens the other way around?

I’d say you can’t work on any component you haven’t already contracted to do after the inspection.

If you did it wrong, will you be able to report that you did incorrectly?

“Total conflict of interest”.

Check you private messages…

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:shock: I hadn’t considered that angle.

id say do it.

In reality, the above should read:

If you did it wrong, you will not be able to report that you did it incorrectly since you did not know how to do it in the first place!!!

:mrgreen: Exactly Brian

Actually it stands as typed.
We all know that contractors take shortcuts on certain things,and nobody will admit that about themselves.

“Darn pipe angle made me use plumbers putty” :slight_smile:

IMO if your doing the work then you shoud pass on the HI…

You should not inspect work that you have performed…
You should not work on what you have inspected.


If all you did during the remodeling of the house was sand and paint…why not???

Now if you had performed other tasks that would fall under your associations SOP’s…NO WAY!!!