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I quoted a price on a 4 bedroom,two story, 31/2 baths,full finished conditioned basement,5000 sq.ft home 13 years old for $700.They said that they got a quote of $450 from another inspector.Was I that far out of line? Please let me know if I am.

John Cubit
JC Home/Mold Inspections
Manchester Tn.

John…pretend you were buying a bag of groceries.

If the bag on the left was $1.00 and the bag on the right was $2.00, and they both contained the same identical items…which would you choose?

Now, If the groceries in the two bags contained the same types of items…but…the bread in the bag on the right was freshly baked, the vegetables were fresher and the items had all been hand picked by a professional dietician…you would be more inclined to choose the $2.00 bag, wouldn’t you?

So the client calls you and tells you that your competitor is offering his inspection for $450. Before you hung up, did the client learn what made your inspection worth the higher fee or did he assume that you were offering the exact same thing for a higher price?

James not being an *** trying to better myself in terms of marketing. If that caller would of called you what would you of said which would of made you stand out over your competition?

I would have quoted $950.

Depends on your area however it would be low in Chicago and also bear in mind every single thread on this subject (1,000,000) includes the same response of those bragging they would have charged $10,000 and then sold aux services.:slight_smile:

Asking here simply tells us you feel the price was low but sure need the work.
Recommend you check prices in your area on your own but stay away from being a lowballer…

I don’t think you’ll get that in our area Mark. Have you ever had a job yet on a 5K house or over in our area?

My price would have been $685 on that one.

I would have done it for $450.00. I would have been happy to make the $50/ hour

My prices right now are more than $150.00 higher than yours, and I loose very few…:mrgreen:

Every inspector…without exception…is paid what he is worth.

So what do you charge for 2000 sq ft? :slight_smile: I bet it’s not $150 more than mine. :slight_smile:

For a standard inspection on a 5000 sq.ft home 13 years old, not including aux. add-ons?

My thoughts exactly Chris. No way… Not in St. Louis

The response would be thank you, good-bye.

Indeed my friend.

John, the going fee for that size home in your area will be around $425 to $500. A few years back you could have gotten $550 to $600 max for that size home. I just booked a 6500sf home in Brentwood and the fee for it will be $650 + $110 for a radon test.

Hope this helps, might be time to price shop the compatition in your area. You can not go by what others are charging outside of your market area, also you will find that many tend to inflate their rates on the various discussion boards when they start talking about fees.



I tell them that if they want a cheap inspection that I can give them your number. :wink:

Yep. I’d probably throw in a termite for free on that one though.

If I just gave them the price only it would be. I generally spend 10 - 15 minutes on the phone with each caller. By the time I’m done with them, most either book right then, or call back shortly and schedule.