Inspection Report Services. Check them out.

This is an interesting and intuitive way of displaying a report online.

Although, I do not see where you can actually get a demo version on the site, so you can’t see what the program looks like. In addition, the above report format does not print.

Just my initial observations :slight_smile:


Since ReportHost gives anyone a free trial, and NACHI members even more, I’ve asked via email what we are offered as far as a test drive.

Also, who are Joseph & Elizabeth? Do we know them on this board?

It will be interesting to check it out!

This is who I use, when I don’t send via email. It is included with my website hosted by inspectorsites. It works great.

(quote) **The service is absolutely free **to home inspectors with nachi, ashi, kreia, creia or nahi affiliations. There are no catches or gimmicks to worry about and we will never sell or pass on email address or your business information to anyone. It’s our way of helping to support home inspectors and the entire home inspection industry. When you register please include your affiliation id in the appropriate box. For example, nachi id’s start with “NACHI0”. We will only approve accounts with valid id’s that we can verify on the inspectors affiliations website. If you would like to register but are not a member of one of the approved affiliations, please contact me by sending a support ticket at and I will review your application on a case-by-case basis. I am always looking for new associations to offer this service to.

Ontario Inspectors

Sorry, we have no Inspectors available in your area at the present time. Please check back, as we are adding inspectors all the time.

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