inspection reports.

what constitutes good fair and poor in my reports i guess good is there are no problems. but fair and poor? is fair something that should be monitored and poor considered inoperable?

That’s why I don’t use ratings–they are subject to opinion/interpretation.

But, to answer the question, IMO, good means in new condition and appearance, fair means okay but not new, and should be monitored, and poor means not working as intended.

At least that’s what it means to me

Consider not using any of them and instead use Inspected, Needs maintenance, Repair or Replace, Not Inspected. Why: Good, fair and poor are an opinion…yours. What you consider good, fair or poor may differ from your customer, the current owner, a judge, basically anyone. It is subjective and subjective can get you in trouble.

Regardless of what you use, your written report should clearly define the definition.

I’ve never used ratings.