Inspection Riddle #12

"This association is found
from city to city.
I’ve worked every day
till I’m tired and giddy.
I’ve never regretted
a single doo-wah-ditty-ditty,
and today I’m turning
a well-deserved Fiddy!
Who am I?"

Happy Birthday, Nick! =D>

Happy Birthday Nick !!!

(Nice job, Kate)!

Happy Birthday Nick. Wow! 50. Bet you never thought you would live this long!

Nick Gromicko

Too easy Kate!

Happy B-Day Sir Nick. Lookin forward to throwing the pigskin with you this evening. You can still throw a football?

Happy Birthday, Bro.

That’s the truth.

All the best for fifty more Nick!

Happy Birthday, and at least fiddy more.

Warm wishes on your birthday, Nick. Welcome to the 50 and over club. :smiley:

It’s quite a milestone when the AARP sends you your first temporary membership card. :wink:

me either but its coming up soon enough! I said the same thing at 30 and again at 40!

I’m right on your heels Nick! Happy Happy Birthday!

Im on your heals too. 14 + years to go.

Happy Birthday!

Nick, Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday OH Great One.
" We’er not worthy"

Happy birthday Nick…

And great discounts . lol I use mine all the time , ok maybe not lol

Once you turn 50, something magical happens and you suddenly become very popular and start receiving tons of “geezer” mail in your daily main drops. Have fun sorting through all that crap; velcro strap sneakers to viagra pamphlets.

I would only belong to AARP if they paid me.

Their leadership have never heard of a government handout they didn’t approve of.