Inspection scam?

Has anyone ever received a email from Star Point Trading store? They are requesting info on my services promising to pay 500$ per inspection. They want to buy property in Ohio but are very vague. They contacted me from national relocation web site. Any info??? I think its a scam.

Don’t know anything about them, but give em a call. i had a conversation via eamil with a guy (out of state) claiming to buy 60 properties. After a few emails he vanished.

If you think it’s a scam, don’t give out prsonal info (SS#, FEIN) that’s not readily available. Don’t send any $$ or take a larger payment than your fee, with them wanting you to rebate them later.

Otherwise, just from the name they may be a “trading group” where you get $500 in scrip, which you can use for other members goods/services.

These people?

When are people going to learn. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I Received that one today. I just deleted it

Thanks I appreciate the feedback

I got the same thing today. As follows:

Name: Rev.brad cole
Phone: 239-829-7793

My name is Rev.Brad cole, I am a real estate owner and the marketing manager of Starpoint Trading store based in usa.
we have real estate in the CANADA, UK AND EUROPE,ASIA.
we hired home inspector in canada,asia,uk,europe.
We Have a job offer available for you.
i found your listing just now.
we are about to buy a newly construted house somewhere in ohio in usa.
i need to find a home inspector to educate me about the condition of the new home before moving in.
If interested please furnish this information below.






i think the price is around $500.
let me know how much you charge for your service.
looking forward to hear from you asap.
have a nice day

I sent an email back for the heck of it and got an address for the home which is clear on the other side of the state. Saying they would pay my mileage I looked up the property address. It doesn’t exist.

What would the point even be?

I’ve gotten these emails before… at being cautious to discourage a legit. client… when they get pushy about just wanting to send money, I ask if I should pick out the house too… cuz they usually don’t give one.


From the poor grammar, I would think it is NOT legit.

I would bet that they agree to your fee - let’s say $500 - and send you a money order (foriegn) for $1,200 and ask you to take out your fee and rebate them the difference.

Of course their money order is bogus.

Similar thing happened to a friend of mine renting his timeshare. He never deposited the money order and after a few weeks, they stopped emailing him about it.

I have been communicating with this person also. I asked him to verify the exisitance of the first property as it did not exist on the county auditor site and he just responded by giving me another property in the other direction from my location that also did not exist.

I respectfully declined any further offers as I felt it was not legit and he asked my why I thought that. I stated because the houses do not exist on county auditor sites.

Same here Rick, here’s the first address I got: 1087 N. UNIVERSITY BLVD.
Monroe, OH 45050

Then I just got an email that I think was intended for you:
mr rick whats gives you that impression.
i told you to calculate the traveling charge and the inspection fee.
i would pay for it.

Sent the guy an email 2 days ago saying I wanted $700 to cover my expenses with $300 paid up front through paypal. Never got a response.

Spoke too soon, just got this:
Hello bobby.
how are you?
the price is good.
sorry the previous address was wrong.
you are to inspect this below address.

1250 Chambers Rd # 225
Columbus, OH 43212.

i would be happy if you can work for me again in the future.
we are going to schedule when you comfirm the payment.
how are you today?
the price is good.
i will schedule on email when the payment is comfirm.
the price is good.
am okay with the price.
hope you accept cheque for your mode of payment.
i want you to provide this information below for the cheque to be issue to you.
make sure you provide this information below for me to send you a cheque for the payment for the work.
we pay first so the job can be done fast.cheque will be isse out to you as soon as you provide the information ok.we are going to schedule inspection when you comfirm the payment.


looking forward to hear from you asap.
have a nice day

The address is an office for Central Ohio Care Services LLC
Funny how he said 500 was a good price and I said 700, now they want to send a check

Good call

I got the same request today. I immeditely went on-line and looked up the Company - Starpoint Trading on Google. Along with this thread, they are several other scam threads.
STAY AWAY - Too good to be true!

Hank Richter
HomePro Inspections Of RI


‘rev.brad Cole’ <>

hello .
how are you?
we give out $50 dollars to our workers after the inspection in completed.
so you have got the same opportunity,we offer you $50 plus your inspection fee which is $575.
thats approximately $625
one of our client just contact me that they had issued the cheque to you.
but there was a mistake.
my client made a silly mistake
i wanna let you know the the cheque has been sent to you.
but there was a little mistake in the cheque.
the amount on the cheque suppossed to be $625
but there was a mixed up.
there is a mistake.
my client issued $3,850.00 to you.
i want you to do me a favor.
please what i want you to do for me now.
please help me send the the excess fund on the cheque which is $3,225 to my
client when you get the cheque.
the cheque is out already.
you will get it real soon.
please update me when you get the cheque.
so i can let you out my client informtion for you to send the money to her.
waiting to hear from you.
have a nice day.

I cashed the check and took my wife to foxwoods casino instead … J/K. Watch out for poor grammer skills. :roll:

Where’s my cigar?


:roll:Usually a rev doesn’t end with have a nice day thanks …they usually say God bless you or peace or something.

I got that e-mail too. Didn’t know it was a scam, but thought it was weird… Told them that their questions are all answered on my website and told them to call me if they had any other questions. Never heard from them again.

Nigerian scam.
When you deposit the cheque. it will return to them and they will have all your banking info on it. They will then forge cheques in your company name and purchase goods and one day you’ll find your account empty or find that you will have a ghost account attached to yours, which you won’t find out about until creditors start to hound you… A bunch of them got busted in Toronto recently, they had sophisticated forging machines and cheques in hundreds of different company names.
So be careful out there guys.

Won’t they be surprised, I beat them to the punch:mrgreen:

After I sent this clown an email back saying that I could only take a credit card and not a check, I never heard from him again.