Inspection scenerio!!

Your market is different as every market is different. Some agents refuse to attend inspections based on the policies of their office. Refusing to do inspections because there is not someone there to “babysit” you is a poor decision, and it feeds the notion that inspectors are a grisly bunch of apes lumbering through homes without concern for private property.

We are supposed to be professionals and besides all that, it is a complete fantasy that having a Realtor, a client or a host of people babysitting you will keep some hothead owner from accusing you of any number of ridiculous claims.

Similar scenarios such as this occur 2-3 times a year with me. I have had to call the police to sweep through a foreclosed home I was in when I was inspecting a walk out basement and a squatter came in the second floor balcony entrance. I was not readily apparent that someone had been there before. If something similar has not happened to an inspector yet, they should consider it a blessing and get ready for the law of averages to kick in.

If you can have a Realtor with you at every inspection and have them open and shut the house then more power to you. But it doesn’t and will not apply to every inspector. This is an excellent scenario to consider as it deals with liability and safety for inspectors.

I assumed the door that was open was leading to the exterior. Post said door was entry to garage and house, not garage to house. If the Home was secured I would have continued with inspection, and left breaker as is, just report it

Sorry to cause an issue here David, like I said it was a misunderstanding of the scenario, I thought you were looking for others possible actions to this, I wasnt trying to say anyone did anything wrong.

Honestly John, don’t be sorry. You (and I) are not the ones who caused an issue here.

David is a Home Inspector, and it is his job to provide a report to his clients that is fully understandable. Since he could not provide such simple details to a group of his peers, perhaps he needs to look within and see if he is providing his clients that which they are paying for.

I will never understand why it takes some members here two pages of posts and questions from others, to get the true facts out (if ever). Is this an indication of the quality of your reports? One has to wonder.

Whatever happened to “Think twice, Enter once”? :shock:

David, as I’ve said before, I supported you in the past when others have been a bit too hard on you, but when you post crap like this… you’re on your own. I tried. :neutral:

In the Chicago area, this scenario usually results in a flashbang being tossed in prior to entry.


What is a flashbang??


You have made you opinion clear, what you say angers the heck out of me. I will keep my thoughts professional.

Not sure what all you needed to know.

House was vacant. I was hired to perform a general inspection and radon test. Agents not present. (I personally hate this scenario)

I have the code, I perform exterior inspection. I am done with exterior and go to do the garage and I notice the door from house to garage is open. Breaker off in panel. I reported as I observed the scenario. I was just posting to try to help others. Wanted to see how others go about there job.

Personally the door was most likely left open from someone. (Not a break in or I would of called someone) Not an outside door. If breaker was just off vs tripped I can see for security reasons.

Have a enjoyable Holiday!!

A door was open. A breaker was tripped.

Uh … okay? What is the big deal, here?

It goes in the report along with everything else. Doesn’t stuff like this happen with virtually every home inspection every day?

I am equating this with discovering the toilet seat left up while inspecting the bathroom. What is the issue?

I hear you, now on the other hand I did do something stupid the other day, but was lucky, I had a realtor stand up for me. I have a lot of stories. I make mistakes, but try and learn every day.

The door being open and breaker off were not a big deal but was just asking.

Be glad to discuss some of my dumb moves, but all part of the job.

If inspectors want to go off on me go for it, I can take it, take your best shots.

All have a great Holiday weekend.

Me, too.

Must be the change in season and thus the addition of testing A/C units, but I’ve forgotten to turn two of them off in two vacant houses this last month. Either that or I have a poltergeist following me.

Get into the habit I have of taking a picture before/after of the thermostat and you will never forget as it becomes a muscle memory type thing after a while.

I guess the Leave Behind Letter doesnt help much in a vacant home, Now does it ?? No one to read it, so no one to turn the AC off !