Inspection School Needed

First of all, I am not yet an home inspector, but am currently searching for an excellent web-based school to become certified in Pennsylvania. I have found two schools on my own: Penn Foster Career School and Allied Career. Are there others that a NACHI member can recommend a newcomer that is working full time and with limited finances?

Why is there no logo or link on there for an amount of NACHI Approved Continuing Education Credits?

Also the FAQ has a link to find out fees which they claim are included in the detailed course descriptions (but they are not).

Yeah, i noticed that too. Somewhere on the site I found out they are $125-150 each and other courses will rate out at about $15/hour.

What, no emoticon for that, David??!!

Joe, I strongly recommend Stan-
**1-(888)-466-4677 **A Better School of Building Inspection,
P.O. Box 1986, Salt Lake City, UT 84110.


I have referred several people to Infinity School of Home Inspections. It is the Carson Dunlop course, and I have set it up with greg, the dean of the college for a discount based on my referrals. If you need additional Information, e-mail me.

That’s more like the David we all know and love!! Good to see you posting again, and hope all is well with you.