inspection software for texas

I am just starting out in my home inspection business and I am looking for help determining the best inspection software to use that meets TREC standards for conducting inspections in texas, give quality reports and is not so difficult to use it requires an IT degree

I know HomeGuage has special software built in that is TREC compliant. We do have trial versions in the office if you would like to check it out. You can email me at to request if you would like…:wink:

Try and test drive WhisperPI. Their other much more complicated and comprehensive product is Whisper Reporter. Save that one for much later in your career.

Whisper is a good product!! It is simple and does everything you would normally need. The price is VERY reasonable too!!

Has anyone used palmtech reporting software. They have a new program pair up with a mini-tablet PC that looks prety cool. It supposedly has a built in Texas template. I am new to the business so I am not sure how good of quality report it provides, the easy of completing it, modification, photos, etc, and whether or not it truely meets all the requirements for TX and TREC. Any thoughts.