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i am a new inspector in florida and wanted to know what is the best software for reports?

Home Inspector Pro. Talk to Dominic Maricic. He’s all over this forum and has the best costumer service.

95% of home inspectors in NACHI use Home Gauge. No doubt it’s the best. Right about now you’ll have some drunk try to tell you there are better software programs out there but remember, they’re all pissed up and don’t know any better.:wink:

I understand that the best way to dry something out is using 95% alcohol… drinking it will… well do some strange things.

Thanks William :wink:

But the drunks do get a lot of support :margarit:

WOW ,The NACHI crazies sure come out at night.
Welcome Rodney.
Us working early bird inspectors all use Home Inspector Pro.

Home Gauge is great for part timers and clowns but the serious guys use Home Inspector Pro.

Are you implying there are part-time clowns around here?

Either software is great! I use HomeGauge


If you want a clean, easy to understand report for your clients to enjoy reading, none of them compares to InspectVue however they have functionality problems (works great with a 12 year old computer but can’t run with newer operating systems). I suggest looking at the finished product (report format) first to see if it is something you want to call your own. After that they are all pretty comparable to navigate.

Steve von Ehrenkrook
White Glove Home Inspections


Take a look at all the above mentioned softwarea and then look into 3D