Inspection Solicitation

Have any inspectors received emails from this company (listed below)? They claim to have used InterNACHI inspectors in the past. Their payment method is through invoice, payable 15 days after receiving report. Sounds a little suspicious to me. If you have performed an inspection(s) for this group in the past what was the experience? Thank you in advance!

Goodman Dean, Inc.
10833 Valley View, #240
Cypress, CA 90630

Did you use the Search feature?
Obviously not.

Yeah, suppose I didn’t use the search feature

What you need is there.
Learn to utilize it first.
Research is part of your job.
Get used to it.

Just asked a simple question, needed an answer not advice.


I’ve done work for them and they accepted my fee and paid within 30 days of the inspection.

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Done work for them, paid within 15 days.

Really, being able to search for yourself is one of the most important things to being a home inspector. I only ask here if I can’t find the answer myself. I guess it was the way I was brought up: You never learn if the answer is always given to you.

Sorry for giving advice.

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Appreciate it very much Mr. Brittain, thank you

Go check your ego at the door and just answer the mans question. You come across as a pompous ass. If its not something you’de say to a another man face to face, you probably shouldnt hit send.


He probably gave the best answer. This job entails a lot of research and reading. If you don’t even bother to try and search out an answer for yourself before creating a post then I don’t see a very bright future.

It was just this easy:

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Those who refuse to attempt to help themselves typically don’t last very long around here. Many are willing to help and offer “advice” few are willing to do your work for you. After all, this is a professional forum.

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I would absolutely say it ‘face to face’. Want my address?

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Well no, I dont want your address. Your reply to another inspector’s question was rude. You didnt have to reply at all, instead, like so many on internet forums, you felt the need to attempt to school someone you dont know. Asking a question on the forum, even if its been asked before, is fine. New answers, and forum users will see it without combing through the archives.

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Merry Christmas in July!!

When they use the search function?

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I thought the purpose of this blog was to help other inspectors, asking a question that maybe could have been researched is not the real problem. In fact I usually learn something from reading the blog even if its regarding a subject I am currently not interested in but it allows me an opportunity to gain some additional information and to open my mind to others knowledge viewpoints.

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You clearly are not capable of communicating like an adult, on a professional level. Using a juvenile meme as your response speaks to your character. Good luck Sir.