Inspection Squad offers NACHI member discount.

My name is Stephen Bentley. I am the President of Inspector Advantage. I wanted to introduce myself and give the membership some background on who I am and on the service I am offering. I spent 4 years deliberating on starting my own home inspection business. I was sidetracked by someone’s (bad) advice that I should be a home appraiser instead. I became a state licensed real estate appraiser. Being a very objective person, I absolutely hated it and ended the business. Time passed and after finally getting some professional home inspection training, I began putting together all those things that a home inspector needs to open up shop. I got together my brochures, biz cards, web site, my little giant ladder, etc. etc. There was one big question left: who’s going to answer my phone? Is having someone leaving messages on my cell phone going to allow me to compete with the 8-inspector shop in my area with 3 people answering the phone? The answer was a resounding ‘no’. I investigated the options and found none that were up to the level I felt I needed to be able to compete. So I changed course and decided to use my 20 years of experience in computer software development, scheduling applications, web development, and telephony to better use. I started Inspector Advantage as a way for the one and two inspector shops to go head to head with the big guys. I encourage you all to try it out risk free.

Does anyone out there have any questions I can answer about the service? It’s very exciting what we’ve put together and I love to talk about it. So feel free.

yes, how much does it cost ?