Inspection taking too long because of..."fluff"?

Not using Spectora, I am not sure how much input I can have here. My inspection and report writing time for a 3bd, 2 bath 1400sqft house on crawlspace in Texas took about 5 hours (3 hours on inspection just taking pictures of everything, and then 2 hours writing the report).

I take pictures of everything for CYA situations in case someone comes back and says I broke something or didn’t inspect something, but it definitely sounds like your boss has been burned.

Wow! I can’t imagine working for someone that I couldn’t talk to.

I think someone else asked: "Have you thought about working for someone else?…or, yourself?”


Dennis, I’m a new inspector as well. One year on July 20th. I’m about the same age as you. Personally, I include several pictures. I record all data labels, mark all gas and electrical shut-offs, insert videos explaining where regular outlets that are protected downstream are reset, etc… At first, I was taking at least 4 hours. Now, I complete a 2,500 sq ft home in about 3 to 3.5 hours. I agree with many of my fellow inspector’s comments. Developing a systematic process of how you move through a home and building a system-based template is important. Best of luck to you sir!