Inspection tools and meters

Hello everyone,
I would like to get an idea of the types of inspection tools and the types of meters/detectors that are most commonly used by other members. Your comments will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

R2R come to the NACHI March 18th meeting and you will be pleased with the great group you meet and Information is boundless. We can talk and I will try and give you some ideas that work for me and others.
Roy Cooke … R.H.I… CAHPI-ON…A Happy NACHI member.

You will be most welcome to attend our meeting on the 18th and I am sure the gathered masses will be pleased to give you our collective opinion of your request for more info on tools and meters etc. Please be aware you will most likely go away with more info than you can use, alot of it contrdictory and it will be up to you to sort it all out lol.

I could use some input on this also on this thread since I can’t travel just yet.

Someone is helping me with my cost of tools and I need an official “list”.

Thanks for any help in advance,

This might be helpfull:

By the way.


I know, I’m a day late.:frowning: