Inspection trainer/instructor wanted for new inspection school in Toronto area.

If you are interested let me know

More details Nick? Canadians are not noted for buying a “pig in a poke”.

Wanna make a bet? :slight_smile:

OINK! OINK! OINK!:mrgreen:

Yes, That will be greately appreciated.
Thank you.
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Sure. Can I post this on our message board?

Nick Gromicko
Founder, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Founder, Master Inspector Certification Board,
Executive Director, International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants,
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Subject: Home Inspection Services Instructor / Trainer.


We are a local unconventional educational school in Toronto, Canada. We are looking for a Trainer / Instructor for teaching / instructing courses in Home Inspection and eventually certification preparation in this area. Can you refer us to possible instructors / teachers who can teach such a course.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays,

Amalesh Chakraborty
Operations Director,
Skills2Succeed Adult Education Training Center
Toronto, Canada



A google search finds many places where he is mentioned .

Looks like it sure is …

Thanks Nick.