Inspection training and upload

This post is for the educational requirement per Internachi standards:

This is an 80 year old home I inspected yesterday that had many issues. However, the crawl space held the most issues. This picture shows the framing under the covered front porch. First item noted, is the floor joists and where they attach to the girder. The joists are simply face nailed and lack the proper ledger strip or straps. Second would be the temporary 2x supports resting on a loose brick footer. Some of the supports have fallen away. The last and most damaging issue for the buyer would be the termite damage. Almost ALL of the framing in the crawl space had some evidence of termite tubes or previous damage. My recommendation was to have a certified pest control company further evaluate and take necessary action to treat the current termites. Second recommendation is to have a framing contractor repair any damaged caused by termites, and to make necessary repairs to shore up the framing below.